Projects at Work

Project Details

The following are the details of some of the projects I have worked on for both permanent employers and as a contractor.

  • Date: 2013 to 2019
  • Category: Web
  • Technologies: .NET, Umbraco, Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, Entity Framework

LEWIS Creative Consultants Ltd

During my time at Lewis Creative Consultants I was responsible for building and maintaining the back end code for our customer's websites. The majority of these were built using the Umbraco content management system (CMS).

The following is a list of the major projects that I worked on during my time at Lewis. For each I typically worked with a designer and a front-end developer. Unless otherwise stated, I built the back end of these sites from scratch.
I developed the Explore section, which incorporates a search through the museum's collection database, accessed using an API.

I also built an intranet site for Peel Ports, which interfaced with Active Directory to retrieve the information for the "Our people" section.

I also built a secure file transfer site for use by our clients.

My last project at Lewis was to build a web chat system for one of our clients, this was written as a .NET MVC project using Vue.js and Signal R for the communication between users and agents.


I was brought in as a contractor mid-way through the Signet project after one of the lead developers left. I quickly got up to speed and have worked on all of the major components of the site, developing a file upload and reporting tool from scratch.

Signet is a web application that is used to record measurements and genetic traits for millions of farm animals across the UK. This link is to the home page of the product, but the majority of the functionality requires login details.