Italian Verb Test

Project Details

Italian Verb Test is a mobile phone app that allows you to test yourself on Italian verb conjugations. You are asked to translate a verb from English to Italian, given the pronoun and tense/mood. You can then either enter the answer or select it from a list of suggestions. The correct answer is then shown and your score updated if you got it right.

  • Date: 2012 to 2013
  • Category: Apps
  • Technologies: Android, Java, iOS, Objective-C

Anyone trying to learn a foreign language will soon discover that knowing how to conjugate the verbs is an important step. It's not something you think about when using your natural tongue:

I go
You go
She goes

And then you start need to consider the different tenses.

I went
We will go
They are going

It soon becomes apparent that you need to rote learn all of the different combinations, and I have always found that the key to rote learning is to test myself. In my struggles to learn Italian I decided to combine this task with another interest and write an app.

Italian Verb Test is available for both Android and iOS, with the latter having a more modern feel for the interface.

  • Test yourself on some of the most commonly used verbs
  • Enter an answer or select it from a list of suggestions
  • Conjugation tables for all of the verbs used
  • Fully configurable - you decide which verbs and which tenses/moods are in the test
  • Questions can be given in English or Italian
  • No internet connection required
  • No annoying ads

Italian Verb Test will test you on any combination of the following tenses/moods.

  • Infinitive (Infinito)
  • Present (Presente)
  • Present Perfect (Passato Prossimo)
  • Imperfect (Imperfetto)
  • Present Subjunctive (Congiuntivo Presente)
  • Imperfect Subjunctive (Congiuntivo Imperfetto)
  • Present Conditional (Condizionale Presente)
  • Imperative (Imperativo)
  • Preterit (Passato Remoto)
  • Future (Futuro Semplice)

The Pro version will show conjugation tables and test you on over 200 verbs, while there is also a free version.

Android Version

This was the first version of the app, written for Android.

iOS Version

After completing the Android version I decided to create the same app for the Apple family of mobile devices (iPhones and iPads). I redesigned the interface, to give it a fresher look and feel.