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Converge Data Type Converter

2nd November 2020 Web Converge

This post describes how I implemented a data type converter for Converge, allowing a different data type to be used in the destination site, when compared to the original source site.

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Use Converge to Upgrade to Umbraco 8

11th October 2020 Web Converge , Umbraco

I think that the easiest way to explain what Converge does is to see it in action. Here I will explain how I migrated a simple Umbraco V7 site to Umbraco V8.

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Migrating to New Umbraco Versions

9th August 2020 Web Umbraco , Converge

Before upgrading my current site to use Umbraco 8, I decided to revisit my experiences of moving sites from version 6 to version 7. When doing that I dabbled with the idea of starting with a brand new site and migrating the content separately. Here I take a look at applying that method to version 8 and from that my first Umbraco Package was born.

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Storing Umbraco Media on Azure

16th April 2020 Web .NET , Umbraco

A quick description of how to use Azure Blob storage to store your media files in Umbraco.

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Umbraco Web.config

24th September 2019 Web .NET , Umbraco

Before making a site live I tend to perform some tests to make the site as secure as possible. This usually involves using a tool like Qualys Web Application Scanning or OWASP ZAP to probe the site and then address any problems. In this entry I detail some of the more common changes that I make.

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Umbraco Membership

5th June 2019 Web .NET , Umbraco

In this post I employ the Umbraco membership functionality to password-protect my blog entry form. A user must login before they can access certain pages.

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Creating a Form in Umbraco

27th May 2019 Web .NET , JavaScript , Umbraco

A quick post describing how I implemented a simple form to accept film reviews for my Cinema Cento film blog.

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Classifying my Own Images

23rd February 2019 Machine Learning Keras , Python

One of my pet projects is to be able to scan in images of my old diary and convert the written words to text. As this is a bit too ambitious for an early machine learning project, I decided to first perform a more basic analysis on the images: classify them into left and right pages.

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Creating a Post using the Tumblr API

28th January 2019 Web .NET , Umbraco

In this post I detail how I set up my code so that it automatically updates Tumblr when changes are made to the content within Umbraco. When I update a Cinema Cento post on the CMS, it now gets created or updated on my Tumblr blog.

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OAuth Authentication on the Tumblr API

20th January 2019 Web Umbraco , .NET

In this entry I explain how I set up OAuth authentication for the Tumblr API. Eventually I want to be able to write posts to the API, but for now I explain how to retrieve user information as that also requires the extra steps.

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Reading from the Tumblr API

17th January 2019 Web .NET , Umbraco

I have been keeping a blog on Tumblr for a number of years, and I was keen to replicate and (eventually) post to it from my Umbraco website. This post describes how I went about using the Tumblr API to retrieve the current posts on the blog and re-create them as content within Umbraco.

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Trying out TensorFlow

11th December 2018 Machine Learning Python , TensorFlow

As my machine learning studying has progressed I have now learnt about TensorFlow, a Python Library that provides lots of functionality for implementing neural networks. I decided to apply it to the Titanic data I have used previously.

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