NoteWeb Mind Maps

Project Details

An Android app that allowed you to structure your notes as a mind map. The maps could be synchronised between devices and shared between friends, this was implemented using a server API.

  • Date: 2012
  • Category: Apps
  • Technologies: Android, OpenGL, Java, Java Servlets, MySQL

Each node in a NoteWeb mind map could be:

  • Note
    When you tap on the node the contents of the note are displayed.
  • Web Link
    Make a note of a web page address, and when you tap on that node the page is displayed in your web browser.
  • Mind Map
    Tap on the node and the other map is displayed.
  • Shortcut
    Tap on a shortcut and the target node action is performed (note, map or web page displayed).

The app also had the following other features:

  • Move and resize nodes as you wish.
  • Set different node colors.
  • Set different node shapes.
  • Pinch Zoom-in/out.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste nodes.
  • Create web link nodes from your browser bookmarks or history.
  • Create shortcuts to any other node in any other map.
  • Share node information with other apps (including email and SMS text messages).
  • Share a page address from your web browser into a NoteWeb web link node.
  • Share text from other apps into a NoteWeb note.

This app is no longer available as it required a server to allow synchronisation between different devices.