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Classifying my Own Images

23rd February 2019 Machine Learning Keras , Python

One of my pet projects is to be able to scan in images of my old diary and convert the written words to text. As this is a bit too ambitious for an early machine learning project, I decided to first perform a more basic analysis on the images: classify them into left and right pages.

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Trying out TensorFlow

11th December 2018 Machine Learning Python , TensorFlow

As my machine learning studying has progressed I have now learnt about TensorFlow, a Python Library that provides lots of functionality for implementing neural networks. I decided to apply it to the Titanic data I have used previously.

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Machine Learning Practice

19th November 2018 Machine Learning Python

After spending many hours on courses studying machine learning techniques, I decided that it was time I had a go myself. I decided to start with a simple example: the Titanic dataset.

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