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Converge Data Type Converter

2nd November 2020 Web Converge

This post describes how I implemented a data type converter for Converge, allowing a different data type to be used in the destination site, when compared to the original source site.

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Use Converge to Upgrade to Umbraco 8

11th October 2020 Web Converge , Umbraco

I think that the easiest way to explain what Converge does is to see it in action. Here I will explain how I migrated a simple Umbraco V7 site to Umbraco V8.

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Migrating to New Umbraco Versions

9th August 2020 Web Umbraco , Converge

Before upgrading my current site to use Umbraco 8, I decided to revisit my experiences of moving sites from version 6 to version 7. When doing that I dabbled with the idea of starting with a brand new site and migrating the content separately. Here I take a look at applying that method to version 8 and from that my first Umbraco Package was born.

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