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Project Details

Between 2008 and 2013 I set up my own company to develop a web-based project management application that allowed the user to plan and allocate tasks to different people, with full control of the priority and order of the tasks. A timesheet system was included to allow people to enter the time they actually spent on the tasks, and that information then compared to the original plan.

  • Date: 2008 to 2013
  • Category: Web
  • Technologies: Java, Java Servlets, Android, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML was my first foray into web applications. It was written using Java Servlets and ran under an Apache HTTP Server, using a MySQL database. As part of this project I also wrote my first Android mobile application, which allowed users to enter their own timesheets. The project never became financially viable and I decided to concentrate on the mobile application side. Both the web and mobile applications are no longer available, but I hope the above video and the following extracts from the original help pages give a good idea of what I achieved during the project.

Original Help Extracts


Project plans can be created within a hierarchy of Project Folders with "Projects" at the root. Only Administrator users can create Project Folders, in this example "In-House Projects" and "Customer Projects" have been created as Project Folders. The project plans in each folder can be seen by selecting that folder.

Each project plan can be seen in a new window by pushing the [Launch] button to the right of its name. If a window does not open then please check that popups are not blocked for this website in your browser.

To change the settings for a project, create a new revision, or create a summary project, click on the project name.


The Dashboard provides you with an at-a-glance overview of your projects. Push the [Settings] button to change which columns are displayed and when they are highlighted in red or amber.


By selecting the Reports main menu item you will be shown a list of the reports that you can run.

Quick Guides

The following are some of the original quick guides, for a quick introduction to the application.